Astrid v.0.4.3 is out with Dark mode, better web apps and more 🎉
💫 Astrid v1.2 is out, faster and better workspaces
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“Astrid is everything I've ever wished for in macOS.”
Eoin Bara
Founder & CEO @ Mór Irish Gin
“I can't even imagine going back to working the way I did before Astrid.”
Cecilia Andrén-Nyström
Executive Director @ Futebol dá força
“Honestly, Astrid is just so damn good. Best product I've seen in a long time.”
Sebastian Otarola
VP Engineering @ Tengai Unbiased
“My laptop used to be a mess, too many windows, too many things to keep track of.”
Daniel Teweles
VP Communication @ Latch
“I love being able to share deal flows and collaborate on them with my team.”
Joel Larsson
General Partner & VC @ Pale Blue Dot
“Finally a way to organize all of my daily work right on the desktop.”
Rasmus Adler Wahlberg
Co-founder & CEO @ Fluent