💫 Astrid v1.2 is out, faster and better workspaces
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Where work gets done.

Astrid creates distraction-free workspaces for any project. When output is everything, and work is more than flipping through browser tabs.


Share apps, not tabs.

Turn all your work tools into desktop apps that are visually gorgeous and surprisingly smart, remembering links, files and folders for all your projects.

Astrid apps are context-aware - remembering everything from URLs to Spotify playlists and iTerm commands.

Multitask better.

Switch instantly between any number of projects or workflows, with all your work securely in place, to continue working exactly where you left off.

Astrid is the fastest way to switch between multiple projects, and quickly restore work across multiple apps.

Stay focused.

Design perfectly zen work environments with Astrid's signature focus modes, clearing away distractions and placing all attention on the task at hand.

Astrid allows you to set advanced focus modes based on what you are currently doing.

Get on the same page.

Share the full picture of any project with your team and collaborate easily across multiple tools, without even leaving your desktop.

Astrid enables collaboration across multiple apps simultaneously, making remote work easier than ever.

To enable deep, productive work.

  • Switch instantly between two or more projects
  • Collaborate across multiple apps
  • Automate repetitive workflows and autosave work
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“Astrid is everything I wished macOS had already built in”.

Eoin Bara, Founder & Entrepreneur

Dive deep, stay deep.

Design perfectly zen work environments to clear away clutter and distractions and place 100% focus on the task at hand.

Astrid allows you to activate focus enablers based on what you are currently doing.

“Astrid is everything I've ever wished for in macOS.”
Eoin Bara
Founder & CEO @ Mór Irish Gin
“I can't even imagine going back to working the way I did before Astrid.”
Cecilia Andrén-Nyström
Executive Director @ Futebol dá força
“Honestly, Astrid is just so damn good. Best product I've seen in a long time.”
Sebastian Otarola
VP Engineering @ Tengai Unbiased
“My laptop used to be a mess, too many windows, too many things to keep track of.”
Daniel Teweles
VP Communication @ Latch
“I love being able to share deal flows and collaborate on them with my team.”
Joel Larsson
General Partner & VC @ Pale Blue Dot
“Finally a way to organize all of my daily work right on the desktop.”
Rasmus Adler Wahlberg
Co-founder & CEO @ Fluent